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TELESTEPS® Model 10ES Combi Ladder


Type 1A - 375 lb. rating

  • Maximum Height as a step ladder - 6 feet
  • Maximum Climbing Height as an extension ladder - 10 feet
  • Weight 18 lbs.
  • Outer dimensions of packaging: 27.6" x 8.7" x 24"
  • Back end adjusts for stair cases and uneven surfaces in one-foot increments
  • Features "Wide Steps" (3 inch wide rungs) for more comfortable climbing and standing
  • Carry strap included

TELESTEPS® Combi Ladder joins the best features from the TELESTEPS® telescopic ladders and step ladders into one single ladder for all your tasks. Use it free-standing or put it against the wall according to your specific needs. It is always safe and comfortable.
Combi-Step 10S

*Combi Ladders can only be used FULLY extended
(not partially extended as with the regular telescopic ladders).

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